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Red Tulip

Red Tulip This bright red tulip is beautifully backlit by the evening sun.

Pretty Pink Hyacinth

Pretty Pink Hyacinth This is an up close photo of a pink hyacinth.


Dragonfly After sitting patienly for a very long time I finally got a clear shot of the beautiful blue dragonfly on the grass at the edge of the lake.

Baby Ducks

Baby Ducks These little ducklings were crossing the sidewalk as Mama duck hurried them across.  They were very curious and so cute!


Splash! This photo was shot on the La Jolla coastline.  Surf was high and the waves were crashing way high up into air. Some viewers got a little too close to the soak zone and ended up dripping wet.

Sunbathing Lizard

Sunbathing Lizard This little red lizard was chillin’ on the rock basking in the sun.

Coconut Tree

Coconut Tree

Crashing Waves in Cabo

Crashing Waves in Cabo

Footprints in the Sand

Footprints in the Sand Here is a trail of footprints in the rough sandy beach on the Cabo shore.  It reminds me of a certain wonderful poem I know…

Pacing Tiger

Pacing Tiger The Tiger paces back and forth waiting for its meal and plotting its next move for escape!
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